Galahad Update & Albion: Gamers Can Be Regenerated And Buy Gold

In Albion, it exist a series of playable elements, every object that you can equip has been crafted by a fellow player, in other word, it also affecting all those raw materials as well as gathering mechanics that you know and love from the traditional MMO. As we all know already, Albion Online has no classes, gamers character is defined by what he or their wears instead of by whatever choices a player made in a stuffy menu at the beginning of play.


In a private island of Albion, after hard battling in the main world, and players can be allowed to kick back as well as regenerate, since farming can offer enough fuel to you so as to expand your guild’s war, by the way, you can sell your materials, and then have chance to acquire more bonuses and reward.

With forthcoming massively update such as Galahad, Galahad update is scheduled to revealed on March 13th, more importantly, its release date is also confirmed, it soon to be launched on July 17th. Hence, gamers end up waiting that day, they are now eager to buy cheap albion online gold at upalbion.

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Albion Online Original Music Compositions And More Key Features

Currently, according to the Albion Online team, a new video was sent out, concerning how the game’s 19 original music compositions, it were recorded with composer Jonne Valtonen and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. At the same time, Game Director Robin Henkys as well as Valtonen futher discuss the importance of the musical score so as to strike the right “tone” for any given moment in the game.


Is it true that the ‘BIG’ patch is coming in March and with it a complete server wipe, When this wipe accrues, at the end of March, will there be another wipe after before game release in July. Galahad soon to be revealed on March 13th. Albion online is a player driven economy game, and gamers are farmer, crafting, gathers. In the gaming process, players can make and create everything.

Of course, the game also includes other key features, you can PVP and kill weaker players all day long but there needs to be a risk, and losing all your items is the risk you take, someone is going to hunt you down and take you out. The ideal of just fighting other players is pointless if something a player really cares about isn’t on the line, players care about there gear and if your going to be that guy who just wants to kill everything, its going to cost you if your not good enough.

Albion Online was officially kicked off on July 17th, and gamers has been keeping an closer eye on its release progress, presumably, they are also busy seeking cheapest and fastest albion online gold store from upalbion.

Gathering Resources And Defending In Albion & Dungeons And Black Zones

Albion Online is based around player freedom, ranges from building towns to Harvesting resources, there are different buildings, without character levels or experience points in the game, the player defines himself with the items he carries.


Hence, if you are attempt to fight with a ranger, instead of a warrior, simply put, you need to ready a bow, in addition, you make a option that fit your character and your play style. If you want to fight well than other gamers, and recommend you should keep a close eye on cheap albion online gold.

Albion online undergone a series of changes, it adds a more threatening feel to the game. Due to Albion Online is player-driven economy game, and it based on gathering resources and creating buildings, in the game where you can go to sell resources, there is a public marketplace, and gamers can be allowed to build their towns, cities, hamlets. In the gaming process, more cheap currency, and you can focus on:

In Albion, there are three kinds of PvP zones, but it’s only full loot in the group dungeons and black zones. You’ll need to go there to collect the best materials, but you could work your way up to buying the best gear from others and farming non-full loot (but still PvP) zones until you can equip them.

The game is centered around hardcore PvP. Albion Online is scheduled to launch on some platforms, such as IOS, Android, Linux devices, Mac and much more, as the first true cross-platform MMO, It’s no wonder that most of gamers have a great expectation for its released, thus, they plan on buying cheap albion online gold.

Albion Online One Last Event: Castle Siege Sunday

Before the Galahad update and wipe hit the Albion Online server, we are pleased and proud to announced one last event, Castle Siege Sunday! In fact, regarding this event’s goal is simple, be the owner of the Castle at Morfe Forest, Steamspittle Steppe or Scoat Fell on sunday, March 5 2017 at 22:00 UTC. To your reward? the guilds that own a castle will receive their very own guild logo in Albion Online. More albion online guilds and its release progress, you can head over to


This following is relevant disclaimer:
Guild logos cannot contain guild-specific text.
Owning more than one castle does not increase the amount of guild logos you win.
Submitted logos should be 128×128 pixels and sent as a .psd, with the logo in white on a single layer and a black background layer (important: these layers should NOT be merged).
Guild Masters of winning guilds will be in charge of submitting their logo by contacting Talion on the forums before March 31, 2017. By the way, Albion Online is scheduled to launch with challenges and revises, and are you ready to buy cheap albion online gold?

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