Albion Online Officially Launch This Summer Along With Some Changes

Albion Online is a multi-platform open-world MMORPG from Sandbox Studios, at the same time, it majorly is the fantasy-themed, recently, Albion Online officially launch date revealed, 17th July in this summer, gamers gets too excited, they have a huge passion for awaiting for its coming. Albion Online is also skill system that allows for degree of offline training.


In addition, along with a series of changes and revises, to name a few, some UI changes and quality-of-life tweaks, the pattern of risk scaling with reward is staying the same, but resources will now be located within different types of biomes. Combined with changes to fast travel, which essentially now works like jump clones, trading in high-value goods – and intercepting them – looks to be a lot more exciting.

Appropriately and amusingly, gamers are expecting called the biggest update: Galahad, Sandbox Interactive has finally revealed the release date Galahad and, above all, that of the final launch. Galahad will come on Albion Online March 13. Bringing a whole new provision of the world, a complete revamp of PvE and much more.

We are pleased and proud to announce that Albion Online officially launch this summer, July 17, 2017. This means that after this date will not make the most of servers and wipe up to you to start writing the story of Albion Online. Are you ready to start this adventure?

Albion Release Date & Update Galahad: Six New Cities Are Waiting For You

First and foremost, gamers are now probably clearly know albion online official launch date, as you know, its official release date is July, 2017. What’s more, it was called the biggest update”Galahad” will be revealed, it’s said to that players of the final beta have been expecting this update. Meanwhile, the servers are reset at this time.


Albion Online is expected to be released on July 17, 2017 for PC, IPhone and Android. More information will follow as the launch date approaches. Detailed stay tuned: According to the developer, the final beta is to be a huge success with more than 200,000 active players. In addition, with the update the combat system is to be completely reworked, in order to make the fighting more exciting.

In “Galahad” six new cities are waiting for you, which should be generously distinguished from one another in terms of ecosystems. Players of Albion Online are also expecting a major update on 13 March 2017. More specifically, the biome cities are Swamp City, Forest City, Highlands City, Mountain City, Steppe City, Royal Center City. Why not buy?cheapest albion online gold immediatly?

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Albion Online Six New Biome Cities And Its Relevant Introducti

Albion Online soon to be launched on July 7, 2017, meanwhile, along with a new Galahad update, the update also adds a total of six new biome cities, arguably, each with their own unique look as well as feel, after all, as the central hub for everyday social and economic interaction in Albion Online. Having said that, which cities is its six new biome cities?


Swamp City
The swamp city is built on ancient, half-sunken ruins. In order to get around, traders and travelers alike have to cross its many bridges. Be careful not to fall into the water.

Forest City
The forest city is built on what used to be a castle. During the dark ages of Albion, nature had started to take over, until the Royal Expeditionary Forces came along and transformed it into a thriving forest town.

Highlands City
The hill this city is founded on used to belong to the ancient Keepers of Albion, and they consider it one of their holy sites. This is why the city is built as a stronghold, as the Keepers occasionally launch attacks in order to take back what was once theirs.

Mountain City
Deep in the cold, harsh mountains lies a city, built by brave adventurers on a mountain slope. The houses are built on a steep with a view directly into the dangerously deep valley. This city is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Steppe City
Similar to the mountains, the steppes are not an easy place to survive. Luckily, the Royal Forces have set up a town in the middle of the dry steppes, giving traders a place to rest and stock up on water and resources.

Royal Center City

Speaking of Royal Center City, it’s located in the middle of the Royal Continent the center cith, built on the remnants of a magnificent fortress. In the middle of the Royal Continent lies the center city, built on the remnants of a magnificent fortress. This fortress is the last remaining legacy of the old kings of Albion, and is surrounded by the Undead and various other vicious creatures. Nonetheless, the Royal Forces have managed to claim the site and turn it into a trading hub.

Albion Development Recap And Biome Cities Details

New biome cities, do you expecting it? thanks to Game Director Robin Henkys, summized the development of game, additionally, regarding new biome cities details were revealed. Arguably, cities are one of the crucial point of Albion Online, owing to both are social and commercial poles of the game with players always present.


According to their currently state, they look like one another. Albion Online the next update, Galahad, since we will give each city a distinct appearance as well as shape, it’s up to their located and their role in Albion. By the way, how to explore those biome cities? the key point is buy cheap albion online gold as soon as possible.

Swamp Town
The swamp city is built on ancient ruins. To reach it, merchants and travelers must cross many bridges. Be careful not to fall into the water.

City Of The Steppe
Like the mountains, the steppe is not an easy place to live. Fortunately, the Royal Forces erected a town in the midst of the dry steppes, giving merchants a place to rest and stock up on water and resources.

Forest City
The forest city was made in what used to be a castle. During the dark ages of Albion, nature began to take over. Until the Royal Expeditionary Forces arrived and turned it into a thriving forest town.

Mountain City
In the snow of the great mountains, there is a city, built by brave adventurers on the side of a mountain. The houses are built on a cliff with a direct view into the deep valley. This city is certainly not for the weak. More albion online development recap, and more biome cities picture, you can head over to:

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