Fallout 76: Carnival Returns with Exciting Improvements!

Hey Fallout 76 fans! We have exciting news: Carnival is back and better than ever! While traditionally a spring event, Carnival will debut in June this year. Why the change? Let’s dive into the details.


Why is Carnval in June?

Typically, the Carnival event is synchronized with the real-world spring celebrations. However, earlier this year, Carnival did not run as expected during its normal period in March and April. Although it was not a complete failure, there were some issues that caused the event to be less than ideal. To remedy these issues and bring players a better experience, Bethesda has decided to bring back Carnival and add numerous enhancements and upgrades in the recent Skyline Valley update. These improvements will ensure that players can enjoy a smoother and richer gameplay experience when participating in Carnival.

Event Details

The improved Carnival will begin on June 25th and last for two weeks until July 9th. This summer version retains the core elements but has made significant improvements to enhance the player experience.

Major Changes and Improvements

Major Changes and Improvements

1. Balanced Mask Drops:

One major adjustment involves mask drop rates. Previously, newer masks were more common, making older masks harder to find. This update aims to balance drop rates and give players a better chance to collect a variety of masks.

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2. Diversified Final Boss Encounters:

In past Carnival events, players would usually face the Super Sloth as the final boss. Now, the event will randomly select one from five possible final bosses, adding much-needed variety and excitement to the final showdown.

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3. Honey Beast Spawn Rate:

In previous versions, hunting Honey Beasts in the Honey House could be very slow. This issue has been addressed, ensuring they spawn more frequently, speeding up this part of the event.

4. Donation Basket:

A new donation basket will be placed near the event area, possibly next to a campfire. This allows players to donate duplicate masks, which new players can then claim. This is a great addition for community support.

5. Faster Event Progression:

After completing a quest, marchers will now immediately begin moving toward the march starting point without waiting for a conversation to be completed. This change speeds up the pace of the event.

In addition, the marchers’ walking speed has been increased, reducing idle time and making the event smoother.

Event Schedule

The event will spawn in Helvetia on the hour every hour. This ensures that players have ample opportunities to participate and collect rewards.

These updates guarantee that the Fasnacht experience is more enjoyable and rewarding. Whether you are a veteran player or new to Fallout 76, these changes are sure to enhance your gaming experience.