Albion Online One Last Event: Castle Siege Sunday

Before the Galahad update and wipe hit the Albion Online server, we are pleased and proud to announced one last event, Castle Siege Sunday! In fact, regarding this event’s goal is simple, be the owner of the Castle at Morfe Forest, Steamspittle Steppe or Scoat Fell on sunday, March 5 2017 at 22:00 UTC. To your reward? the guilds that own a castle will receive their very own guild logo in Albion Online. More albion online guilds and its release progress, you can head over to


This following is relevant disclaimer:
Guild logos cannot contain guild-specific text.
Owning more than one castle does not increase the amount of guild logos you win.
Submitted logos should be 128×128 pixels and sent as a .psd, with the logo in white on a single layer and a black background layer (important: these layers should NOT be merged).
Guild Masters of winning guilds will be in charge of submitting their logo by contacting Talion on the forums before March 31, 2017. By the way, Albion Online is scheduled to launch with challenges and revises, and are you ready to buy cheap albion online gold?

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