GTA Online: Unlock and Customize the Armored Kuruma Guide

The Armored Kuruma is popular for its excellent protection against bullets, making it very useful for missions and heists. It’s considered one of the most valuable vehicles for new and experienced players alike in GTA Online. The cheap gta modded accounts can help players unlock Armored Kuruma. To unlock the Armored Kuruma in GTA Online, you have a few options:

1. Purchase it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos:
· Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website on your in-game phone or computer.
· Find the Karin Kuruma (Armored) listing.
· Purchase it for $698,250, or $525,000 if you’ve unlocked the trade price. If you lack GTA$, you can choose to buy gta 5 money, which is time-saving and efficient.

2. Unlock the trade price:
· Complete the Fleeca Job heist finale as a leader.
· This will unlock the discounted trade price of $525,000.

3. Career Progress Reward (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only):
· Complete Tier 4 in the “Original Heists” category of Career Progress.

4. Special promotions:
· Occasionally, Rockstar offers the Armored Kuruma for free or at a discounted price during special events or promotions.
· Keep an eye on Rockstar’s announcements for such offers.

Once unlocked or purchased, the Armored Kuruma will be delivered to your chosen garage. You can then customize it at Los Santos Customs or your owned Auto Shop. Here are some of the best customization options for the Armored Kuruma in GTA Online:

· Carbon front splitter for the bumper.
· Oval exhaust or race exhaust.
· Neon kit on all sides in white.
· Yellow on black license plate.
· Matte or metallic paint – black primary with a slightly lighter black secondary looks great.

· Max out engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension for optimal performance.
· The Armored Kuruma has a top speed of 109.75 mph when fully upgraded.

· Tint the windows all the way for a clean look.
· The Armored Kuruma comes with bulletproof tires stock, so no need to upgrade those.

Customization Limitations
· You cannot further upgrade the armor beyond what the Armored Kuruma comes with stock.
· No option to add a spoiler or other armor upgrades.

Some popular customization choices include:
· Chrome paint with black trim.
· Matte black with red accents.
· White primary with black secondary.

The Armored Kuruma has limited customization options compared to other vehicles, but you can still make it your own with paint, wheels, and performance upgrades. Focus on making it look mean and maximizing its speed and handling.

Guide to Unlock The Fastest Car In GTA Online

The fastest car in GTA Online history is the BF Weevil Custom, which was added in the Criminal Enterprises update in October 2022. It has a top speed of 137.5 mph (221.3 km/h), dethroning the previous record holder, the Ocelot Pariah, which had a top speed of 136 mph. It is based on a real-life VW Beetle Rat Rod, which cost $980,000 to purchase and upgrade at Benny’s Original Motor Works. You can use cheap gta 5 modded accounts to gain an advantage in GTA Oneline and complete the upgrade of it as quickly as possible. You can follow the steps below to maximize the speed of your BF Weevil Custom in GTA Online.

Engine Upgrades
· Engine Block: Upgrade to the High-Performance Engine Block for improved power and acceleration.
· Turbo: Install a Turbocharger to significantly boost the engine’s power output.

Transmission Upgrades
· Gearbox: Upgrade to the High-Performance Gearbox for smoother and faster shifting.

Suspension Upgrades
· Suspension: Upgrade to the High-Performance Suspension for improved handling and stability at high speeds.

Brake Upgrades
· Brakes: Upgrade to the High-Performance Brakes for improved stopping power and control.

Wheel Upgrades
· Wheels: Install high-performance wheels with a good grip rating to improve acceleration and handling.

Other Upgrades
· Exhaust: Upgrade to a high-performance exhaust system to improve power output and acceleration.
· Body Kits: Install aerodynamic body kits to improve the car’s aerodynamics and reduce drag.

· Weight Reduction: Remove any unnecessary items from the car to reduce its weight and improve acceleration.
· Tuning: Fine-tune the car’s suspension and handling settings to optimize its performance.

By following these steps, you can maximize the speed of your BF Weevil Custom and make it one of the fastest cars in GTA Online.