Albion Release Date & Update Galahad: Six New Cities Are Waiting For You

First and foremost, gamers are now probably clearly know albion online official launch date, as you know, its official release date is July, 2017. What’s more, it was called the biggest update”Galahad” will be revealed, it’s said to that players of the final beta have been expecting this update. Meanwhile, the servers are reset at this time.


Albion Online is expected to be released on July 17, 2017 for PC, IPhone and Android. More information will follow as the launch date approaches. Detailed stay tuned: According to the developer, the final beta is to be a huge success with more than 200,000 active players. In addition, with the update the combat system is to be completely reworked, in order to make the fighting more exciting.

In “Galahad” six new cities are waiting for you, which should be generously distinguished from one another in terms of ecosystems. Players of Albion Online are also expecting a major update on 13 March 2017. More specifically, the biome cities are Swamp City, Forest City, Highlands City, Mountain City, Steppe City, Royal Center City. Why not buy?cheapest albion online gold immediatly?

From the 13th March, finally, players was allowed to explore the new content. Remember UPAlbion is a professional albion online gold provider that not only provide cheap albion online gold for customers, but also collected a great many of tips and guides for all the gamers. You can believe us totally!

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