Albion Online Undergone Smaller Update With Bug Fixes, Balancing Changes

Albion Online is a focus on PvP (Player vs. Player) and Guild vs. Guild gameplay. If you die in a PvP zone, your complete inventory can be looted by the attackers. Guilds can attack and conquer each other’s territories. Albion Online more features and its release progress, you need to stare at:


Albion Online will be released, and along with significant changes to the game, a much bigger and more diverse game world is also coming, if you have the chance to influence the direction of the game. Community input is extremely important to us. Founders also receive unique items and perks that will not be available later.

Gamers want the game to be exactly the same on all platforms. So the mobile version is not a “companion app” and not a “light” version of the game – it is the full game! In addition, there is just one game world – for all players and all platforms! The advantage is that you can switch platforms any time. Gamers are fulled with expectation in an effort to find cheap albion online gold supplier in upalbion.

Albion Online has gone through some smaller updates with bug fixes, balancing changes and small improvements on a regular basis. The next a biggest update soon to be revealed, Galahad is coming to Albion Online on March 13, 2017. Bringing an entire new world layout, complete rework of PvE and much more, this update is a force to be reckoned with. It’s no wonder that more and more gamers plan on buying albion online gold at upalbion.

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