Easily access all Schematic in MWZ S2

Unlocking schematics in MWZ is crucial for enhancing your gameplay with better weapons, perks, and equipment. This guide covers strategies for farming schematics from Tier 1 to Tier 3 contracts, missions, and the Dark Ether challenges.

Tier 1 Schematics

  1. Recommended Loadout: Start with a Tonfa (Baton melee weapon) for efficiency.
  2. Contracts to Focus On: Deliver Cargo, Bounty, and Spore contracts are your best bet. Avoid ACV Escort and Ether Extraction contracts due to their time-consuming nature.
  3. Farming Strategy: Use the LTV from the Deliver Cargo contract for mobility. For Bounty contracts, the Tona is effective against Tier 1 bounties. Rinse and repeat Bounty contracts as they often spawn in clusters.

Tier 2 Schematics

  1. Upgrading Weapons: Pack-a-Punch your Tona or swap it for a higher rarity weapon found during your farming.
  2. Effective Contracts: Similar to Tier 1, focus on Deliver Cargo, Bounty, and Spore contracts. Use ammo mods for crowd control.
  3. Co-op Strategy: Farming in co-op can speed up the process, as friends can help complete contracts or clear objectives in other areas of the map.

Tier 3 Schematics

  1. Join Forces: If you see others completing Tier 3 contracts, consider joining them to avoid competition for contracts.
  2. Weapon Recommendations: Bring weapons suitable for taking down tougher enemies, like the RGL for its stun capabilities.
  3. Contract Prioritization: Deliver Cargo and Outlast contracts are among the easiest and most rewarding.

Mission-Specific Schematics

  • Tier 3 Sabur Mission: Unlocks an uncommon Ether Tool. Requires completing an Ether Extractor contract and shooting down a reinforcement helicopter.
  • Tier 5 Chaperone Mission: Grants Quick Revive schematic. Involves completing an ACV Escort contract with specific conditions.

Dark Ether Challenges
After completing the Act 4 story mission and killing the purple worm, you can access classified schematics in the Dark Ether. This involves using Tier 4 Rift Sigils and completing specific challenges within the Dark Ether to unlock unique schematics.

Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Use Decoy and Kazmir Grenades: Essential for managing large groups of zombies and completing contracts more efficiently.
  • Vehicle Utilization: Vehicles not only provide quick mobility but can also be strategic in completing certain contracts.
  • Communication in Co-op: Coordinating with teammates can significantly speed up the farming process, especially in Tier 3 areas and the Dark Ether.

Farming schematics in MWZ S2 requires a mix of strategy, the right loadout, and sometimes cooperation with other players. By focusing on specific contracts and utilizing the tips provided, you can efficiently unlock all schematics and enhance your gameplay experience.