Farming WoW Classic gold with Grouping/Looting

Most of the worthy group loot is in items and never in monetary loot. Make sure your group is looting fair! Turn on FFA so if people don’t want the loot you can grab it buy to make sure that the looting stays fair. If you see people hogging the loot either leave the group or kick them out!

Make sure you loot everything! Most wow classic items stack so they don’t take up too much inventory space! So much loot is usually left on a corpse and people rarely take time to loot it! Those leftover loots can add up, especially if it is wool or linen. You may think it isn’t worth something but as it adds up you can make a pretty penny on the items.

Make sure you set the guidelines for looting when the group starts. You can figure out who needs what and make sure they have a reason! If you see a warrior saying “I need cloth amour” you do have the right to ask why when you can wear Mail.

Don’t waste on what you don’t need

What this means is don’t waste your wow classic gold on stuff you aren’t sure if you’re going to use! If you know you don’t use that spell/skill until you start needing it, don’t train in it. If you see an item and you’re not sure if you’re going to use it, guess what DON’T BUY IT! Just because it looks cool/hip/whatever, don’t buy it unless it can help!