Pros and Cons of the Albion Online Learning Points System

I’ve had a hard time accepting all this LP thing and 3 char per account before in the 1st place but now it just went overboard ridiculous. The new LP system is a simple illusion that in the end doesn’t help anyone but SI while impacting the game negatively because anyone can create 3 chars in one acount.

Now let’s see the pros and cons of this system:


  • Newbies or casuals will be able to skip early grind if they choose to
  • SI makes money out of prem accounts
  • Who needs bots when the game “bots” for u (hahah)


  • Newbies or casuals who decided to skip early grind will now have to grind way more or just afk for a year.
  • Playing the game without playing (wtf? horrid.)
  • Alts. People will be able to lvl up alts on crafting and gathering or whatever by not even logging in that char. All they have to do is buy prem for their characters
  • Will create too many self sufficient people
  • Will trivalize the role of crafters (which already happens since everybody has alts anyway, but it will become worse)
  • Will affect the economy negatively
  • Completely contradictory to early specialization
  • Will probably make the price of gold skyrocket duo to hardcores sucking all the gold from the market with silver to feed their AFK alts, forcing casuals to spend real money to keep up

So basically, the system will help hardcore players way more than it will help casuals or people who don’t play as much. People who can afford premium on 3 chars or more.

Basically SI, you either remove the LP system completely or you remove the 3 char per account completely. You can’t have both and can assure you this game will fail hard if you keep up the greediness. The whole LP and 3 char thing is completely contradictory to what you had planned for your game. You need money to run the game but you don’t have to ruin it to make some money.

It’s sad really how many or even most of this community can’t comphreend how harmful these systems together will be to the game. All they worry about is progress as fast as they can with minimal effort which says a lot about todays gaming community. You’re so sucked up into this LP illusion that you can’t see it won’t help you at all and will further stretch the gap between hardcore and casual. I don’t care if you don’t like grind, theres plenty of games out there that you don’t need to grind, go play those. If you want to play a game by not playing it then I’m sorry to say but your opinion is worthless and you don’t really want the game to succeed, you just want to play the game with minimal effort and getting rewarded by it.

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