Albion Online: Launched New Gameplay Trailer And Exclusive Access

Currently, Execlusive access was launched by Albion Online’s founder packs, along with other benefits to the game as well as new gameplay trailer which shows off previously unseen gameplay footage.


Sandbox Interactive, the team behind the cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online, are moving into the next stage of development and releasing founder’s packs. There are three different packs offering access to the alpha and beta testing as well as plenty of exclusive items. In addition to this, a new gameplay trailer features never-before-seen action from within the medieval fantasy world of this free MMORPG.

The Veteran Pack offers guaranteed access to closed beta testing, for $29.95. In addition to this, the pack contains 2,000 Gold, with a real-world value of $10, a 30-day premium account, as well as a founder’s certificate to decorate your unique player house. Needless to say, what’s more exciting is that cheap albion online silver for sale.

Epic Founders secure themselves access not only to the closed beta, but also to two alpha tests to run in the summer and winter of 2014. They’ll also receive a cool 4,500 Gold, equivalent to $20, a 60-day premium account and a founder’s certificate. A sterling silver nameplate and avatar and an epic Explorer Armour Set round off the pack to truly mark out these founders as epic.

The most extraordinary rewards are to be found in the Legedary Pack: Legendary founders get to be the very first to explore the new world of Albion, in the alpha tests as well as the closed beta testing, with guaranteed access before other players.

The packet, costing $99.95, also offers a 90-day premium account, founder’s certificate, a shiny golden nametag and avatar, 12,000 Gold worth $50, a legendary explorer armor set, two different mounts, and an impressive ingame statue. Due to Legendary Packs as well as the Epic are in limited supply, to that end, for many MMO fans, they should be action out immediately.

Albion Online Event Review: The Hide And Seek Event

It’s said to that all three of uncle Frost’s Helpers were successfully rescued by more than 100 players who be engaged in the Hide as well as Seek Holiday Event. When the event had ended, I met with with FlufferPope, he is one of the organizers of the event. Regarding the planning, execution, planning of their first community-run project, we talk about more. Before play gameplay, players have been made enough preparation, which contains buy albion online silver.


Urza: What Was Your Job?

FlufferPope: I lead the planning, organization, and running of the event. As I call it: I sit back and tell people what to do. Lol! But no, really, I mostly managed people. I made sure we got the next Helper in place at the right time, I made sure announcements went out quickly enough during the event and I directed the people recording the event.

Urza: What Difficulties Did You Encounter In The Planning, Organization And Execution Of The Event?

FlufferPope: Getting people into a single area of the world is harder in the Outlands due to the lack of fast travel. People basing in Baile Braigh would have a much harder time participating in this event than people near the event location.

We tried to announce at least one hour ahead that the event was going to start near Dauntensea to compensate. We toyed with different options and we might have worked up something that will remove this problem entirely for our upcoming events. Albion online players are seemingly tend to buy cheap albion online gold.

Urza: Why Did You Decide To Do A Hide And Seek Event?

FlufferPope: We wanted to do an event in the open world that would bring in a lot of PvP. When we were tossing around a lot of event ideas, one of us jokingly said to do a holiday event. We thought it would be a cool story to say some Helpers who knew chest permissions got kidnapped, and the community had to find them. What it really was providing was a way to get players into one section of the world, and have them roaming, looking for a shared objective.

Urza: With PvP Being A Core Feature Of This Event, Who Showed Up?

FlufferPope: We had a lot of different zergs running around. Most seemed to be the patchwork of different guilds. Codex, Honor n Glory, and EoS all showed up in number. It appeared that there were some Red Army guys, Grief, Conflict, Vendetta, and many other guilds mixed into patchwork groups.

I was disappointed KDS was a no-show, as I expected them to give EoS a run for their money. While I didn’t see much of the PvP first hand because I was running the event, I heard a lot of great stories of a lot of side fights. More wonderful video and latest Albion Online update, stay tuned

Albion: The Fate Panel As Well As The Revised Objects System

You probably not know, nonetheless, War legendary weighs in Albion, Due to a extremely solid economic pole to support the two fighting poles(GVG as well as PVE), and in order to complete his ranks, the guild led by Kam is looking for new talents.


Modification of the harvest points to allow harvesters to specialize by Tier, from Tier 3 for all resources. This allows players to continue to progress even if they do not harvest superior Tier resources.

Fate Panel
So first, what is the Fate Panel? This is, by and large, a skills tree that will help you define the path you want to borrow with your character.

The purpose of changing the Destiny Panel is to facilitate the unlocking of objects, while saving an investment of time and effort in order to become a specialist. In addition, Harvesters and Refiners will have additional options to arrive at the Tier of their choice.

Similar to the harvest, refining will also allow to specialize in a Tier to obtain cost reductions in Manufacturing Concentration without having to refine higher Tier resources.

The entire right side of the Destiny Panel will be dedicated to refining and crafting. In the same way as for the combat system, an artisan will unlock all the sub-objects of a category after reaching the Tier 4 (adept) as well as the possibility of specializing in one or several objects. This specialization increases the Quality of Manufacturing and the Reduction Bonus in Cost of Concentration Points.

Albion Online: Game Improvements And Content

For the current status of the game, the makers of the upcoming MMORPG Albion Online will inform you, what’s more, and reveal what players can expect in the future. It was announced that the planned Free2Play model was refused by Albion Online at the end of last year, wherein the title is sold at a fixed price at the end. Note that: found out  more here: UPAlbion.


Content And Progress In Albion Online

“The beta test has shown that there are still some problems with these game settings -although they work excellently and provide a lot of fun – with the frequency, distribution in the world and the glory and rewards they offer, Concerns “, one writes. Therefore, in the future they will work on the improvement of these aspects, while adding new dungeons, goals and hell gates.

In addition, the character advancement system is to be improved, precisely as regards the distribution of the right mobs and resources in the game world and the progress achieved by them. They wanted to allow players to achieve progress in a variety of ways while providing a clear balance between risk and reward.

Red Zones And Black Zones In Albion Online

The purpose and purpose of the red and black zones will be emphasized more strongly in the future. In black zones, guilds and alliances are fighting for control. All regions that contain vulnerable territories are given the status of a black zone. Therefore, a much larger part of the game world should belong to the black zones and the most valuable resources will only be found there.

In the black zones, there will also be open-world buildings, which will give certain advantages and influence to the guilds they own. These buildings can be relatively freely built, claimed and destroyed by the players.

Red zones become PvP zones where all items can be plundered and where there are no territories that can be claimed. For the red zones a system of crimes and reputations is  to be introduced, with which the killing of peaceful players has greater consequences for the aggressors, especially if they “zergen”. More cheap gold for sale such as cheap albion online gold.

Albion Online Universe: Its Details And More

Even if the final beta of Albion Online was launched, nonetheless, we are pleased and proud to announce the launch on JeuxOnLine of our universe Albion Online. As we all know, Albion Online was developed by the German studio Sandbox Interactive, on top of that, Albion Online is also an MMO sandbox entirely entrusted to the players.


The game relies on a medieval-fantasy universe accessible on all platforms PC, Mac, Linux but also on mobile (IOS, Android). It is no longer distributed in free-to-play but adopts an economic model of Buy to Play. The game is then financed by an integrated shop that allows to obtain the status Premium against the OR and which gives many advantages.

They ensure the production of objects and buildings, found cities of guilds and carry the commercial system of the universe between the different continents. Albion Online also relies on a gameplay essentially PvP full loot to restore meaning to the death. The killed player may lose all his equipment, looted by his aggressor.

Albion Online: The Introduction Of Artefact System

In the next beta of the Albion Online MMORPG, the batch of new features will be presented. Additionally, for those who the most energetic gamers, they will able to make the most weapons in the game. Sandbox Interactive are attempt to restoring it, what this means is that the current PVE content in the dungeons thanks to these rare lootings. Don’t cheat yourself, can you reject cheap albion online silver?


The Artefacts are ancient relics dating from the terrible war that brought about the destruction of Albion 1300 years ago. Fragments are scattered in the darkest dungeons and craftsmen who manage to gather enough fragments can reforge these powerful Artifacts in an Alloy Workshop.

Not only do the artifacts have a unique appearance and a higher basic power, but especially dedicated spells and skills. Each main weapon, secondary and equipment set will be equipped with an Artifact. In total, there are no less than 81 new items: 45 weapons, 9 secondary weapons (left hand) and 9 sets of armor (helmet, torso, boots). They will appear in the drop account during the beta.

Regarding the interest of artefacts, it can bring variety in the player’s specialization, on the whole, a player must focus on one of the three subcategories of a weapon to acquire all specialty bonuses. Notably, the artifacts are located on the main node of the weapon category that unlocks the different Third-Party weapons. The three artefacts in the category will automatically power up by unlocking third parties. At the same time, by buying cheap albion online gold, and you can play so fun gameplay.

Albion Online Faye: The New Faye Details

It’s said to that the MMORPG promises a real sandbox gameplay, Albion Online, we will be sees a new update to enrich a world already well supplied. It was named for FAYE. In the meantime, this one brings its batch of innovations while the developers have pushed the end of the beta until next summer.


We start with the new Biome “Forest”. This new environment contains 3 important resources: skin, wood and stone. It also uses the same danger markers: green, red and dead, with the atmosphere darkening accordingly. Two factions populate the forests, the Guardians and the Heretics, but there are also special creatures (spirits of different natures), as well as large fauna (wolves, wild boars, foxes, rabbits and bears). Amazing detail, some of them can loot their offspring that you can raise yourself.

We continue with other changes and innovations that are less obvious but that are important. There is something new for the guilds, they can compete more easily via the royal islands. Players can have fun with new emotes that further enhance the social aspect of the game (applauding, dancing, crying, bandaging muscles, etc.). On the ambient side, 19 additional pieces of music are added in order to reinforce the immersion of the different zones. Cities are more joyful while dangerous areas seem more disturbing.

Developers do not forget to animate their world according to the seasons with the arrival of Christmas decorations and a special mission in the dungeons of Guardian. The farming is made a little less painful with the possibility of descending of mount while keeping the bonus of charge, unless attacked or to go away a little too much. Another interesting point with the mount is that it takes the damage when you are attacked, until you go down or die.

T4 players can obtain essences for refining by killing faction enemies. These can be changed to Runes. And since we talk about transmutation, you no longer need Transmutator, the operation is done in the refining buildings. The guards (NPCs) are replaced by towers located at the entrance of the cities in PvP zones to attack the bandits, that is to say to the players who assaulted a “non-bandit” player, even if his reputation was Positive. Your buildings are degrading now, so they have to be maintained or restored.

Ultimately, a new function is also introduced, Badge. We can active it via the configuration inferface, in addition, the badges of a players will be able to revealed, you will be see it in advance who comes in your direction as well as take the necessary measures. Notably, Frost Mages as well as Mages acquires 2 new spells: Frost Ray and Cursed Sickle. For all this are added of course some improvements as well as correction of various bugs.

Albion Online The Latest News: Final Beta Was Launched

Due to previous beta tests coming to an end, according to German developer Sandbox Interative, they announced the final beta for their Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. Are you Ready for join the battle? With regard to the final beta, some improvements as well as brand new features was added. To that end, a new adventure is waiting for the 160,000 Founders to explore. Additionally, included Founders with legendary, Veteran status as well as Epic can be participated in the final beta. In the Albion, For other players who want to take part in right now can still upgrade Founder’s Pack.


In their quest to improve the players’ adventuring experience in Albion, Sandbox Interactive has for example restructured the game’ s Destiny Board and revamped the Guild vs Guild battle system, also adding new features to the overall guild gameplay. But that’s just one area where new features have been added. The two new worlds of the Royal Islands and The Outlands contain new biomes (swamps, steppes and mountains), with unique looks and different setups.

To stay competitive in these new environments, players can now get their hands on the newly added Artifact Items (weapons, armor sets and off-hands). But when they do, they better be smart about their actions and decisions, as the also new Reputation and Crime system will keep track of who acts honorably and who fights dirty.

Actually, which is more than merely a stat: at the same time, the reputation of player’s has a important effect on the way the game world reacts to them. On basic of its wealth of new features the Final Beta offers huge new areas to discover as well as new possibilities for the players to shape the world of Albion Online with their deeds.

The New Reputation System Of Albion Online

For the new Albion Online, big changes soon to be come. Notably, with regard to a new system of crime as well as reputation, it will penalize or reward players in accordance to their behavior towards other players. On basic of the orientation of each one, this system will allow to assign a particular status according to the attitudes and methods applied.


From the model Citizen to the criminal, each player will have to answer for his actions according to levels of reputation ranging from Glorious to Redoutable through Noble, Virtuous, Reputed, Neutral, Infamous, Scathing and Negative. This Level will also be visible to everyone by an icon of value added after the nickname: A star for the “good” and a skull for the “bad”.


The current World of Albion is composed of a single territory on which a multitude of players intersect and kill each other, for the greatest misfortune of the casual players or all those who have a calmer orientation. The developers of Sandbox Interactive have therefore set up a new world divided into different territories and different areas of action.

The Royal Islands (green, yellow and red zones), governed by a law of the king that the Royal Expeditionary Forces take charge of, and the Farlands, essentially in the black zone, on which everything is permitted. Some unrestricted areas, in the territory of the Royal Islands, will nevertheless be accessible for PvP and the search for particular resources.

Players seeking a more farming-oriented mode of play, crafting in casual mode, fighting monsters essentially will be protected by law, and will instead move to a good citizen status and find their place on the Royal Islands.

Who will tend to crime, for those who adopt a PVP mode, living on pillaging as well as fighting on territories under royal protection, arguably, their place shoud be that of Farlands where their actions will not affect their level of reputation, be in there, they will able to find other players with the same state of mind.

Albion Online Details: PVP Statistics And More

When the Beta Final of the MMORPG Sandbox Albion Online launched, during the time, we need to remind of you about many novelties were going to appear, in a few months, until the game official released. Needless to say, in accordance to Sandbox Interactive studio, it keeps its promises.


Today, it gives us a whole new functionality: the table of PvP statistics (or the killboard, for the English version, which will remain in all cases for the French version) whose function will be to keep us informed on all the actions PvP, GvG players. The table will also give us the information of the best players and guilds in the ranking as well as the upcoming inter-guild meetings that might interest players willing to follow the clash.

Description And Functionality Of The Table

The table of PvP statistics is divided into 5 sections accessible through a main menu of five specific tabs.

1st tab: The best PvP actions (section itself divided into two sub-tables):

Fighting tops: This table will give you the top five players in PvP mode with the date, time, killer, victim and fame points the player will have obtained. By clicking on the nickname of each participant you will be able to obtain additional information and their own statistics. Your search will be done on the last fighting that took place during the week or the current month, and the week or the previous month.

The most recent fights: will give you all the most recent fights in an order from the oldest to the least dated, with a slight delay in the report so as not to give too quickly the information on the places to avoid.

Note that the details button will give you access to precise information about who participated, which guild they belong to, what alliances are underway, what their equipment is and what the victim was carrying at the time of his death.

2nd tab: the table of fights or battles
This section will give you the best fights that have taken place in the open world. The details button will show the location, duration, number of participants and their characteristics.

3rd tab: the meetings in GvG
Divided into three sub-tables, you will have access to information on all the most famous fights, past and future. The first sub-table is a showcase of the next three most prominent inter-guild meetings, the second gives you future meetings in detail, and the third the most recent encounters with a full report on the battle.

4th tab: the best fighter scores (the leaderboard)
Here you will find all the information about the best fighters and guilds, based on the highest reputation and reputation, and according to their ratio of killed / dead (when a player kills a victim Obtains fame, when a player dies, he gives renown to his executioner).

5th tab: comparison

With regard to the section, you will be allowed to compare up to 5 guilds by thinking of the totality of their PVP statistics, including their top five players as well as their basic info. Without futher ado, do not forget the search bar, If you are interested, there is allow you to refine and directly access the full information of a gamer or guild.